Crossroads Deal

After many years of perfecting the binding ritual, DB has finally confirmed that the items collected through his work may be safely shared with others. There is no doubt that there are great risks associated with the public disclosure of these objects. However, we feel that it is important to share and fund the vital work completed by DB and we believe that these objects deserve a second chance in the world. DB does not agree, and it is with great reluctance after many efforts that we have persuaded him to release a select number of objects. Only those objects that have undergone rigorous safety testing will be released, but there remains a risk attached to any object that has been touched by darkness.

Please be aware that all sales are final and all risks belong to the purchaser. If you choose to purchase any of these items, you are accepting complete responsibility for ensuring their safe storage in accordance with the instructions outlined by DB. If you do not abide by these instructions and that which has been bound is released again into the world, then you are entirely responsible for the consequences. In the event that you experience any unexplained circumstances after the purchase of any item from DB Occult, you must contact us immediately.